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south for the winter

I’m heading to Austin, Texas this weekend with J!  After a fun trip to New York City last year around the same time,  I thought- Wouldn’t it be fun to travel to another city during the Christmas season?

Rather than trying to brave the elements in the East Coast, I’m ready for some Southern BBQ, bizarreness, and dive bar bands.  I’ll be back with an entry full of photos of my travels and foodie places.

For more Lipstick, in the meantime, check out my latest writing pieces on eHow:

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Day 2

It’s been hard playing catch-up this past month!  I can’t believe it’s already nearing the end of July!  If June was the month of “Engagement”, then July is the month of “Home Preparation.”  This includes the last few weeks of painting, re-painting (apparently, colors on tiny swatches aren’t what you expect on a full out wall), and furniture arrival!  J and I joke that we’ve been working so hard to “prepare” for the house, we wonder when it will ever really feel like it’s ours?  Maybe when we actually MOVE IN.  Thus, phase two of July: PACKING.  Ugh.

Enjoy Day 2 of Hawai’i, which sadly feels like a distant memory already.


Day 2. June 26, 2009 (Friday)

Southeast & Windward Oahu

Spam & Banana Pancakes

Spam & Banana Pancakes

* Eggs N Things – Woke up and had THIS for brunch.  Now I get what Jack Johnson dedicates a whole song to… He forgot to mention the coconut syrup.  Yummm.

Haunauma Bay Natural Preserve aka Snorkeling Capital

Haunauma Bay Natural Preserve aka Snorkeling Capital

* Haunauma Bay – Just BEAUTIFUL.  It took me awhile to get used to swimming with snorkeling gear.  The sound of me breathing just conjured up images of Darth Vadar – underwater.  But it was tres romantic swimming underwater with J beside me.  We even came up with an impromptu “sign language” for: ” Look!  A fish!” or “Watch out for the coral!” or “Alright, suffocating now.  Must have air.”


*Buzz’s Diner – Grub after snorkeling.


*Lanikai Beach – aka. The Millionaire’s Backyard.  Check this place out before the 3 feet of sand disappear.


* Fireworks at Waikiki – J was a bit grumpy that I made him stay out to watch the fireworks show, especially after a long day of snorkeling and driving.  But we were all smiles once we saw the spectacular display.  Disneyland definitely has some competition.

* E’lua – means “two” in Hawaiian.  Had dinner here since the restaurant prior had closed (argh.  Outdated Lonely Planet guide).  Live jazz with an all Asian & Pacific Islander band!  Only in Hawai’i…

Mai Tai

Mai Tai

* Almost Mai Tai Bar – after a 15 minute search at the Ala Moana Center to find the Mai Tai Bar, we discover a crammed open air bar, loud live band, and a stubborn line.  We opt for Islands and sit out on their patio area to enjoy the Mai Tai’s music from a close distance.

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the PNW

If I had to sum up my entire trip to Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland, it would be this:

I love being in a job that lets me travel as part of my professional development (NASPA conference). I feel silly holding an umbrella when it snows. Food tastes fresher by the water, real or imagined. Urban cities near the water and natural landscapes feel more relaxed and socially aware – likely real, not imagined. Oysters, wine, and coffee have never been consumed as much together as it did in one week of my life. Random road trips with friends are the best (even when you’re stuck for 2 hours at the Canadian border patrol). Running into celebrities at the airport are a nice way to end a vacation.

I am irritated that my vodpod account is not working and that Google Photos & WordPress have not yet found a way to compromise so that slideshows can be embedded! You all will just have to make do with the burden of linking to another page…

Pacific Northwest Tour blog pix


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Lipstick will be on hold for this week as I head over to New York City with J.

I can’t decide on whether I’m more excited to see the City all dressed up in its vibrant Christmas splendor or to gorge on the New York diet of pizza, European cuisine, caffeine, cupcakes, and delicatessens.

Either way, I’ll be sure to come back with loads of photos documenting my tasty travels.


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