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I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately.

At first I thought it was because I’ve been sick for the past couple of weeks – it’s tough to sleep with a coughing fit.

Next, I diagnosed that it must be my coffee intake.  After all, introducing caffeine into your body after a long hiatus is sure to send it into shock.

Hmm… maybe it’s my late night workouts.  It probably takes some time for my adrenaline to slow down after an intense work out.

J has to literally tear me away from my computer during these restless nights, only to have me toss and turn wide awake.  Anyone who knows me would find this behavior unusual – I typically sleep fast and soundly in an instant.  When J, who is himself an insomniac on occasion, can find sleep more than I can – something is off.

I began to realize that taking Nyquil was only a quick fix.

Last night, I jumped into bed and just stared at the ceiling.

“I think you’re right.”  I said.  That got J’s attention.  He put his book down, and asked, “About what?”

“I’m overwhelmed.”  Still looking at the ceiling.  Not angry, not upset, not in a fit or crisis.  I was simply, calmly acknowledging a very obvious fact.  Obvious to everyone but myself, until that very moment.

“Well,” J started, as he turned to face me, “You’ve been working non-stop all month.  Of course, you’re overwhelmed.”

I tried to mentally list all of the possible culprits for my anxiety.  I’ve been dedicating time to Stella & Dot, my new side business and learning all of the strategies to successfully book and execute trunk shows.  In just my first month of signing up as a Stylist, I had done 4 trunk show events, including my initial launch party!  Wedding planning is just gearing up, with the continuous hunt for a wedding venue and the seemingly never-ending task of gaining my family’s approval.  There are days when I wince at the thought of devoting an entire year just to planning it, with the current stress already forming & the anticipation of more stress.  Job searching is still on the periphery of my mind, especially with lay-offs occurring in the next month or so.  With all of those things, financial security is a big factor in my worries.  And somewhere crammed in the rest of my head are the obligations and expectations to multiple roles in my life: being a good fiance, sister, friend, employee, daughter, etc. etc.

Ugh.  No wonder I’m a mess.

Just from voicing it aloud to myself and to my wonderfully supportive fiance, I decided that the bulk of these issues were not going to be resolved that evening.  If I’m going to have a busy year, I can’t burn out this early in the game.  Something needs to change.  I need to change my game plan.

At that moment, what I decided I needed more than anything else, was a chance to just rest from all of the chaos and noise in my life.

So I made a conscious effort to hit “pause” for the evening, and I finally went to sleep.



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2010: the leap of faith year

The year of unknowns… and opportunity.

2009 was such an eventful year, I wasn’t sure how 2010 would top it.  In fact, 2010 is filled with questions and uncertainty.  I’m anxious about a number of things – two of which include my job security in this rapidly changing economy (education is undergoing massive budget cuts) and planning my upcoming wedding (I no longer have the luxury of believing that my wedding is a couple of years away; as of today, it’s officially “next year”).

While I may not have control over outside events, such as how much family drama I’ll experience during the midst of wedding planning, or whether I’ll get laid off in the next month or so, I do have control how I choose to respond.  And what actions to take.

This year is a toast to taking what is unpredictable and turning into an exhilarating adventure.  That’s what life is anyway, a day to day of unknowns and what we choose to make of it.

Two key opportunities & events arise from 2010.  The first is the monumental task of planning my wedding, a year long process to plan a one day event – entirely dedicated to a lifetime with my partner.  Whew.  Talk about pressure! As predictable as some aspects of a wedding are – such as a dress, bridal party, venue, food, cake, & other event logistics, I’m wary to believe that the process will be as simple as it sounds.  Given the dramatic events that unfolded from merely getting engaged, who can possibly predict what craziness will ensue as I dive deeper into the actual wedding?  Stay tuned, my friends.  It’s going to be a wild ride.

The next opportunity, that’s timely in this economy: starting up a small business.  J & I have been in many conversations lately about one day starting up a small business of our own.  We tried the t-shirt business once, while in grad school.  And life just happened, work, friends, moving back to the Bay Area, etc. We got too busy to sustain it.  And even with all of our readings on boosting financial education, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and such, it was still difficult to figure out where to get started.

Long story short: Upon attending my first jewelry trunk show at a friend’s place, I was introduced to Stella & Dot boutique jewelry.  After few restless nights reading through the opportunity brochure, posing a million questions to the Stylist Sandy, conducting exhaustive research on the company, and getting the support from my lovely friends, family, and fiance – I took the leap and signed up to be the Stylist of my own company.  I’ve been keeping a journal logging my first 100 days as a Stella & Dot stylists and I hope to share my tidbits of entrepreneurial wisdom in this site.

Here’s to 2010: the year of opportunity, unknowns, the leap of faith.  A year dedicated entirely to “Business & the Bride.”

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