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the One

Picking a wedding dress sounds an awful like searching for a significant other.

You have a list of expectations (some more realistic than others), the most important people in your life will want to approve , there’s emotion involved – maybe crying and drama, you find more frogs than princes, there’s commitment (an emotional and financial one, in this case).  And there’s the romanticized notion, one you can’t possibly describe, where you just know it’s THE ONE.

I admit.  I was skeptical.

Hours later, after being overwhelmed with too many choices, too many sequins, too many shades of white, off-white, cream, & ivory (what’s the difference again?), I began to re-evaluate my list of prerequisites again.  What I envisioned would be right for me, in fact, was not.  Poof made me look like a puff, baby doll made me look like I was having a baby, and ruching in certain places was just not flattering.  Others were pretty and even lovely, but it just didn’t feel… like THE ONE.  Whatever that meant.

My friends and family asked anxiously with each one I tried on “Do you like it?  Do you like it?”

I squinted in the mirror and examined myself from all angles.  “I guess.  It’s pretty.”  No fireworks.  No chemistry.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it didn’t measure up to what I saw on ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ on TLC or in the movies.  Was it just a silly fantasy?  Was this “feeling” even real?

After 7 tries, and another bridal appointment I was NOT looking forward to, I was just about to throw in the towel.  I was cynical about true love (bridal gown love, anyway).  It couldn’t really exist.  Just another evil wedding industry ploy to get brides to feel stressed out over unrealistic perfectionism.

Sensing my frustration, my consultant then said, “I’m going to just throw in a curveball.  It’s not what you and everyone else may have wanted, but I think it might work.  Let’s see what you think.”

She helped me into it.  And when I saw how the dress clung to me, made me feel beautiful, I was in shock.  She was right, it was not at all what I had been expecting.  Yet, it was exactly what I wanted.  I threw my list out the window at that instant and focused only on what was right in front of me.

Sure enough, I think I found “The One.”

Funny how you find it when you least expect it.  C’est la vie.



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