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For the record, going to Hawai’i this week does not mean I get to go on hiatus from my marathon training.

J and I packed up our running shoes (crammed, for me) into our carry-on suitcases.  I’m ready for the hikes to Diamond Head and the Manoa Falls Trail.  Week 1, Week 1 (revisited, because I didn’t feel I gave it a worthy attempt), and Week 2 of training have really elevated my running endurance.  I’d hate to have all of that energy come to a crashing halt when I return; most definitely heavier from all of the shaved ice, spam musubi, kalua pork, baked goodies, and poke sloshing around in my stomach.

I know folks think I’m crazy for wanting to run and be active on our “vacation.”  I think I’m a little crazy that I’m looking forward to it!  After all, if you’re going to be running, what better place in the world to do so than on Waikiki Beach during sunrise?  My thoughts exactly.

Aloha!  I will return with fitness, food, and photography stories!


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multiple positive things

There’s something about this month that’s attracting huge positive energy in my life.  Not that I mind; usually, it’s the string of bad luck that tends to follow me.  Most of this isn’t even luck-related, but a matter of working hard for what I want.  The payoff just happened around the same time.

1. Last Saturday, J & I celebrated our early Valentine’s day bundled up with our 5 year and 3 month anniversary.  Heavy discussion topics were intentionally avoided (at least on my part).  It seems that lately we can’t talk about getting engaged, our families’ expectations, or finding a house without stirring up some tension.  The good news is that when we don’t talk about it, we’re perfect again!  Now all I have to do is figure out how to slowly integrate the substantive topics in delicately…

2. Also last Saturday, an old high school friend of mine gave birth to a baby girl.  Kind of puts things in perspective (namely, number 1).

3. Today, I was made officially an Elite 09 Yelper!  It’s nice to be publicly acknowledged for my writing and affinity for food.  And I admit, the perks of being an elite are also satisfyingly sweet.

4. Today (there’s also something about TODAY!), I ran 3 miles and beat my previous time by 6 minutes!  Though my total time is not something really to brag about, it’s the progress I’m focusing on.  My goal is to run the March 5k Napa Valley Marathon without being the labeled “the slow one” amongst my friends.

5. Last week, my Carrie the Canon came back in the mail – LCD monitor all fixed and ready for more photography action!Lily

More fun times to look forward to: planning for my one week trip to Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland in March!

For now, I’ll leave you with the lingering image of Lily, my happy navigator. Rain or shine, she always manages to keep on dancing.

*Taken 1/1/09

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