french press & novel writing

This Sunday morning was filled with determination.  I woke up and decided on two things – 1) to break in my new Chambord French Press coffee maker and 2) to write a novel.

The latest addition to my kitchen, thanks to the World Market.  The box states that it is “probably the best way to brew coffee.”

French Press

Coarse ground coffee from Trader Joe’s.  It was fun learning how to use the grinder machine at the store.  Another FF (fabulous frugal) tip: spend $5 on a can instead of $3 for a cup!

Trader Joe's Smooth & Mellow

Pour hot water in and let steep with the coffee grinds for 4 minutes.  Press, pour, and inhale deeply.


Enjoy in a colorful mug.  A writer’s warm and tasty companion.

coffee and a book

2) The Novel

Coffee mug in hand, laptop switched on, and a good hour of stalling, I finally work up the nerve to sign up for a NanoWrimo account.  With November 1st as the starting point of National Novel Writing Month, participants from all over the world are challenged to write 50,000 words (175 pages) in 30 days.  30 days of high pressure, crappy, and spontaneous writing.  Why am I willingly putting myself through such a painful literary experience?

– I think of stories ideas that never quite make it to paper or print.

– Knowing how I tend to start things and leave it hanging.  I will be forced to start and finish.

– The focus is on quantity, not quality of writing.

– It’ll be another wonderful to-do crossed off my list

– It sounds so ridiculous and crazy, that… why shouldn’t I?

The count so far: 743 words.  30 days left to go.



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2 responses to “french press & novel writing

  1. Map out your ideas! 🙂 Good luck writing.

    Yes, I love your frugal coffee idea. I’ve been making my own coffee and tea lattes at home and I sometimes think they taste better than SB b/c I can make them as hot as I want!

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