projects & loose ends

Status Update:  Officially moved in!  Still engaged.  Just got cable and internet.  Starting to feel like home…

Mood: Exhausted, but excited.  Starting a new life while still trying to reconcile with your old one is not an easy task.

New Project Line- Up: Now that furlough days are hitting the CSU system (furloughs = a funny sounding and looking word = forced unpaid days off), I’ll have some extra time on my hands to devote to other activities.  In no particular order:

1) I want to start doing a better job of documenting the engagement/wedding process; perhaps even submit some queries for freelance articles again.

2) I took a bookbinding class recently at Paper Source with a friend and was surprised at how simple it was to create a book!  Definitely a hobby worth continuing. No need to ever buy my own journals or albums again!

3) Photoshop. Photoshop.  Photoshop.


Because I promised myself I’d finish it, here’s a rough outline of the last bit of our Hawai’i trip.  I’m terrible at post-photo blogging and have decided to bring along a notebook on future travels to record details.

Hawai’i Day 3 & 4 Mash-Up:

North Shore and Waikiki

Hale'iwa Joe's

Hale'iwa Joe's

Matsumoto's Famous Shave Ice

Matsumoto's Famous Shave Ice

Driving through Pineapple Country

Driving through Pineapple County, Hwy 99

Hotel Balcony View

Hotel Balcony View

Diamond Head

Diamond Head

hawaii 158

Flying back home engaged…  happy and also contemplative about the thought of coming back to “reality.”



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2 responses to “projects & loose ends

  1. What a happy time! I am very excited for you P!
    Yes, I need to learn Photoshop too. It will take our pictures to the next level.

    Ru going to start a website for your wedding planning?

  2. Roenna

    I want to quit my job.. and just do crafts.. make jewelry and accessories and sell these things… would be so nice.. wish i had time like you to learn these things! 😀

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