happy flowers

5 Years and 6 Months Tulips

5 Years and 6 Months Tulips

My first attempt at a self-portrait.

This was a few weeks ago, when J surprised me with flowers on our anniversary.  He signed it ” from your not so secret admirer.”

I love tulips more than roses, to be honest.  I find joy in its simplicity and vibrant color.  A tulip doesn’t need to demand so much attention with a million petals and thorns and leaves.  It’s not so complicated and busy.  It just IS.

If you asked J, he’d say I was more like a rose – pretty but thorny!  Not the most flattering comparision, but I see the truth in it.  I’m really trying to practice living more simply like a Tulip.  I’m starting to see that the more complex and full of choices/decisions, and expectations you clutter your life with, the more difficult it is to be happy.  Whereas, having a simple positive outlook on life and its meaning can work wonders on peace of mind.  Instead of focusing so much on doing the right things to ensure happiness and “perfection” down the road a year or two from now, I try to focus on this moment.  This day.

“Be happy for this moment.  This moment is your life!” – Omar Khayyam



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4 responses to “happy flowers

  1. 5 years and 6 months tulip look gr8. Is it still growing?

  2. d

    you outshine the tulip

  3. did you know that, in history, tulips use to be the most expensive luxury? you could buy a house in Europe from the sale of one special tulip.

    really like the quote too =)

    hmmm, almost 6 years. nice number.

  4. I love the happy picture!

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