the idea

Everything starts with an idea.

The next step is to think “Can it really happen?”  and then “How do I make it happen?”

My personal idea starts with a lot of reading and learning in my business class.  Taking this class may be the one of the smartest personal investments I’ve made for myself.  It ranks up there with the Journalism class I took amidst my teaching episode, studying abroad for a month in Paris, the Canon Rebel XS dSLR I recently purchased, and signing up for a 24 hour fitness membership.  Does it all tie together?  Not really.  But it does make my life interesting.

As for the big idea – that’s still a work in progress.  But when I know, everyone around me will know.  🙂



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4 responses to “the idea

  1. oo you got a new camera? i was thinking to invest.

    good to hear you’re investing in yourself in so many ways. =)

  2. Dieselbird

    Let’s go on a photo shoot trip around the city!

  3. I agree! Spring in the City would be amazing! Let’s plan for sometime soon 🙂

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