the happy list

As the Queen of To-Do Lists, I’ve scrapped all of my never-ending task/project/errands lists and decided last night to create a new type of list. The Happy List.

Pauline’s Happy List:

In no particular order with no specific time frame in mind.  These are just continual reminders, with the goal to do as many of them as possible whenever possible.  Each of these areas enhance my love for creativity, the vitality of keeping physically and spiritually healthy, the feeling of staying connected and supported by important people in my life, and continuing to expand my world.  This is what makes my life rich and fulfilled.

Our days get packed with work, endless errands, going through emails, people to see, parties & events to attend, significant others, etc.  It’s funny (or even sad) that we only allot leftover “free time” to do what we want, to do what makes us happy.  Like an afterthought, or an inconvenience.  I think of times where I’ve caught myself saying “I wish I had more time to do this more often” or “I always wanted to do that, but can’t right now because of this”

Re-evaulation time.  How much of my day, my life, is dedicated to doing the things that I love?  How much of it is out of necessity?  Obligation?  Trivial things?  I’ve gradually started to realize how much energy and time I’ve spent for much of my life trying to make others happy – whether it’s with family, close friends, significant other, or at work.  Many times it is at the expense of my own happiness.  And while this may equate with emotional martyrdom, it’s not an ideal way to live.  I’ve also realized how little I have asked or expected for myself.  It’s important to care for other people.  But it’s far more important for you to care for you.

Happiness takes work.  It’s not random and fleeting.  True happiness, the kind that keeps you fulfilled and grateful, is intentional and thoughtful.  I can’t expect it to come to me by chance.  I need to make it happen for myself.  And it starts today with the Happy List.



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5 responses to “the happy list

  1. Sounds sort of like new years resolution time!

  2. an awesome idea. and if your nagging brain insists on attention you can always read your happy list and tell yourself “f-it, i’d rather be (insert item from happy list) than worrying about (whatever it is you are excessively worrying about at the time)”

    it always helps to say “f-it” as often and as loudly as you can too.

  3. Happy New Year P!
    What a happy post. I too want to achieve the items you listed. A toast to being happy! 🙂 And let me know if you want to do a photoshoot out in SF! Viv and some other girls are interested too.

  4. dahye

    happy list for dahye (partial)
    hang out with pam and pauline more 🙂
    (rina’s a given since i love having her as my roommate)
    exercise – esp for our first mini run in march…

  5. james lee

    just a random passerby – this is a thoughtful post and i absolutely agree. ppl often try to justify happiness through ppl around them (having great friends, sig other, etc.)…but i think they’re add-ons, a bonus. i believe that at the end of the day, we have to be satisfied and happy with ourselves first for all those other other things to count. happy 2009.

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