finally, politics for the 21st century.

The first of many weekly addresses from our President Obama – all available online (, the radio, and YouTube!

This man keeps on amazing me.

I have never been so politically involved and invested as I have with this election.  If I thought I was pretty informed before November 08, I must be pretty obsessed now.  I can’t get enough of the news these days.  Really, for the first time, politics is starting to make some sense for me.  It’s starting to become clearer how this madness – the economy, job loss, credit markets, housing crisis, globalization, world poverty, global warming – all ties together and that it deeply affects our everyday lives.

Maybe it’s me getting older.  Maybe it’s me ditching crap TV news for more NPR.  But I feel a huge part of it is because Obama just speaks a language that I can understand and access.  And apparently his message hit home for many, many others like myself.

I’m counting down for Inauguration Day!


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