a word about productivity. or two.

Why do I lie to myself and think that I’ll be able to get any type of work done at home?  On a weekend?  On a day off?

I’ve been playing this game for the past year or so ever since working at SJSU.  It makes me wonder a few things about my productivity as a working professional:

– Am I not doing enough work when I’m actually AT work?

– Am I constantly getting side-tracked by emails, Gchat, random Google searches, and cubicle conversations revolving around Bravo TV shows?

– Am I getting too burnt out from other obligations and voluntary commitments that I end up using any free time doing brainless activity?

Is this really what the life of a working woman/man/professional is like?  No wonder “happy hour” was invented.  How do you get through the week? What gives you motivation to get beyond the daily grind?



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2 responses to “a word about productivity. or two.

  1. I assure you. Your work is paying you to mentally check out once in a while (just don’t make it publicly known to them). It keeps you more productive in the long run. Otherwise our minds would slow to a grinding halt. Always good to add a little lubrication of distracting activity to revitalize our brains.

  2. Okay folks, I’m curious. What are these “other” options that you marked down???

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