city love

San Francisco

I love the city life. 

There’s just something about the vibrancy of the inner streets, noisy echo of cars and buses, and crowds of people scattering about their daily agenda that matches my pulse.  The past two years have consisted of me living in Los Angeles, studying abroad in Paris for a month, and travelling to Italia and Boston – all large metropolitan meccas.  Since moving back to my hometown San Jose in December, I haven’t been able to quell the desire to immerse myself in city life. 

My latest thoughts have drifted over to San Francisco, the heartbeat of the Bay Area.  Just when I thought it may not happen for at least another year or so, an opportunity presented itself to me last week – a chance to to reside in the City.  The process and details are still in the works, but it’s starting to look very possible. 

Is becoming an SF girl a romanticized notion in my head?  Will the long commute to work and living in an endless state of fog bring reality crashing head on?  Or will it only confirm my desire to explore an urban lifestyle?

I won’t know until I try.



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6 responses to “city love

  1. I would do it!!! I love the city too.

  2. DO IT! Move here! We both know it’s the most beautiful city in the world. Once you arrive, San Francisco will welcome you with open arms, a warm embrace and some fog to protect you from anything bad that could come your way.

  3. your korean bootyfly

    dont move away from me!! 🙂 just kidding. if you go to the city, you’re going to have another “roommate” – ill be there on the weekends 😀

  4. I love those b/w pictures… did you take it?
    Oh I totally know how you feel… living in metropolitan cities. But the part of the city I work at now differs so much from that fast heartbeat I was used experience in the Financial District. 😦 I yearn to be able to shift back to that side of town!

  5. fancy

    i say go for it! if you don’t embrace it now, you’ll be stuck in sj forever. 😉

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