happy birthday

Turning 25 felt strangely calm.

It was definitely underwhelming given the hype surrounding the “quarterlife crisis.” Don’t get me wrong – I still don’t have it all close to figured out. Significant, yes. Crisis, not so much. The process it took for me to turn 25 came with its own punches, more so than the number itself. I’ve learned to appreciate the journey, no matter how painful the milestones are, than to focus solely on the destination.

With birthdays, I always use these momentous occasions to write and reflect on my past year. Happy? Sad? Stressed? What’s the final verdict? Like a high school dance, I like to find a “theme” for each year and take care not to repeat any others for the next few ones. Last year’s theme of 24 was “disillusionment.”

I won’t get into that right now.

Whatever hardships I went through to get here, I know 25 will be a good one. This year’s theme of 25 will be the year of “self-love.” That’s right. Loving moi.

And there’s never any better time to do so than now.



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2 responses to “happy birthday

  1. “Themed” years? Hahahaha, it’s uncanny how much of a twin you are. In fact, I have set a theme for my years for the last few years. Though, I wouldn’t call it a theme. That is much more your word than mine. I say I’m dedicating the year. And I actually had a “self-love” year, as you put it, a couple years back. And how the heck do you go about setting a theme such as “disillusionment?” Geez… to each their own. Anyway, it’s a new year, Enjoy your “self-love” year twin!

  2. oh, you’ve had this up since the 11th and I’m only finding out about it now?!?!

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